Are you Compliant with the latest DOD Enterprise Security initiatives?
Are you wondering how to implement and optimize ACAS (Assured Compliance Assessment Solution)? This robust security suite is mandated by U.S. Cyber Command and DISA and used by the entire DoD and most of the intelligence community. Let’s start by answering a few questions to gauge your understanding of the ACAS solution.
We'll need some basic information to get started assessing your level of compliance with the DISA ACAS mandate.

Upon completion of this brief assessment you will receive access to our ACAS Readiness Kit and other assets.
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ACAS is available to all DoD and associated intelligence agencies. It’s licensed enterprise-wide by DISA for all enterprise systems. ACAS licenses can be used only on DoD-owned systems and not on privately owned contractor systems. Government contractors operating on federal networks, can and must purchase licensing from Tenable. Now, let’s talk about your current network security capabilities.

Wherever you are in your compliance endeavors, you’re in good company. Many agencies are struggling with their ACAS implementation and optimization, but we have services to help. First, however, let’s talk about your current network security capabilities.

What Measures can your network accommodate? *

ACAS was developed to help achieve all of this – and more – by addressing each of major security hazards your agency faces. Next, let’s take a look at the components of the ACAS solution.

Which of the following ACAS components are fully operational in your environment today? *

On a scale of 1 to 5 rate the current feature utilization of the components in your ACAS implementation. *

Each ACAS component is customizable and scalable to your needs, equipping organizations of all sizes to achieve better security. Tenable also offers additional components to optimize ACAS for a more customized, strategic security posture.

SecurityCenter Continuous View ™
Nessus Agents™
Nessus Network Monitor™ (Formerly PVS™) 10 GB
Log Correlation Engine LCE™ ™
Thank you, {{answer_krw5NQPY2CUs}}. We hope you find this information valuable and look forward to helping your agency optimize its security environment.
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